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How To Control the Action in Your Dreams

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There exists a tribe of people known as the Senoi. They are destined to be famous for only one thing, since they have no great military strategists, no crime problems, serious health or addiction problems, no wars, and only minimal conflict in their own society. The thing that makes their otherwise dull-sounding tribe great, and in fact, what makes the harmony they experience possible, is their approach to dreaming. They can and do control their dreams and live them as part of their daily lives.

It is possible to control your dream. Members of our staff proved it, when they found themselves actually exercising some control over dream content, and the amazing part is that they didn't actually know it could be done until we began research on this article! Yes, it is possible to develop control over the images, locations, people, even the plot lines of your nightly insanity, and if you have even a shred of belief that this is possible we think you will probably find yourself doing just that in the very near future.

What the Senoi learned from their dreams is a better understanding of their true selves, a view of their individuality without the constraints of society, without inhibitions. Their anxieties, hopes, loves, all come to light in their dream images, and by the time they reach adulthood they have an ability to know when they are dreaming that they can do something about their environment.

All it takes to develop dream control is patience. Pick an action, any action that will serve as a trigger. Make it simple, like whistling, scratching your head, and remind yourself as you fall asleep that you will remember to do this when you are dreaming. It may take a few weeks before you remember to do this, and a few more weeks before you do it with any regularity (less if you dream in color), but once you do, you'll have this strange sensation that you're dreaming, you know it and you can do pretty much anything you set your mind to. This is control. You're finally breaking the trance in which you live most of your dreams. This experience will only last a few seconds before you either lose track of your control or wake up, and it will usually happen on those mornings when you wake up to your alarm, shut it off, and decide to catch a bit more shut-eye.

Eventually, you'll not only realize you're dreaming, but you'll see a scene in front of you that contains something you would like to explore deeper. You'll do just that simply by thinking about it. You'll probably b so giddy with excitement the first few times this happens that you'll wake up. We can state from experience it is a truly ecstatic experience! Eventually, you'll be able to use the "trigger" to regain control once you feel it slipping away from you. We can't really instruct you as to the next stages of control and development of your dream personality, as it is something you'll have to feel out for yourself. We can give you a few suggestions, things to tell yourself to make your dreams more enjoyable and beneficial.

First, and by the way, you should tell yourself these things before you go to bed for best results, remember that you're out for a good time. You cannot hurt anyone in your drams but yourself, and you really have nothing to fear. You will NOT die from a dream, although a dream may warn you that you are close to death. At all times you wish to achieve a positive outcome from your dreams.

If you find yourself in trouble in a dream, you will call on others to help you. You don't want to run away, because these conflicts are part of yourself and must be understood if you are to grow. Confront and conquer, even kill if you must (and it does not matter if in real life you are incapable of killing), but strive always for awareness that you are dreaming. This will calm your fears and allow you to ask who the dream image really represents and what it is trying to tell you about yourself.

Keep in mind that even the slightest bit if success, even a simple "hey, I'm dreaming," indicates developing control and shows that your efforts are paying off.

If you find yourself falling in a dream, remember to think "I may as well fly." And you probably will. If you fly, drive or travel in a vehicle, pick your own destination rather than having it picked for you.

You will find you wake from your bed in dreams more and more frequently as your control develops. Learn to determine when you have arisen in a dream, and be ready to do things you would like to do but cannot in everyday life. These dreams are great fun!

When the scene fades, remember to use your trigger to pull your control back together, and don't be concerned if the trigger actually changes the whole scene, as it may for a while.

Above all, remember to seek friends and work toward specific goals. Be as happy in your dreams as you can, and it will carry over into your waking life with super results!

Once you have developed a degree of dream control, try this: Seek a friend who also exercises the same things (go through the classifieds if you like) and try to have shared dream experiences. It is apparently quite possible to do this!

If you find your dreams getting the better of you, look back through the reminders listed above. You are probably weak on one or two and need to work a little harder on one them in your waking life.

Senoi (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). - The Senoi are a Malaysian hunting and gathering people who were reported to make extensive use of lucid dreaming to ensure happiness and mental health.

The original field research was done by Kilton Stewart before the Second World War and published in the early 1950s. Parapsychologist Charles Tart and pedagogue George Leonard later publicized Stewart's account in books and at the Esalen Institute retreat center.

Later researchers were unable to substantiate Stewart's account. In 1985 G. William Domhoff argued in The Mystique of Dreams that the anthropologists who have worked with the Temiar/Senoi people report that they are familiar with the concept of lucid dreaming and that it is not of great importance to them.


Senoi Dream Theory: Myth, Scientific Method, and the Dreamwork Movement by G. William Domhoff.

The Selling of the Senoi by Ann Faraday and John Wren-Lewis.

Articles, Books, Notes and Summary of the Senoi by Kilton Stewart and The Marvelous Senoi Dream Controversy, a summary by Richard Wilkerson.

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How To Control the Action in Your Dreams

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