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Dream Dictionaries

There have been a lot of books written on the interpretation of dream symbols. A good set of dream dictionaries can be very helpful to a dream watcher, but they can also be an obstacle in your gaining true understanding of your own (or others) dreams.

   The interpretations and definitions that you find in a dream dictionary are to be taken only as suggestions. Any one dream symbol can have many different meanings for different people or even for the same person at different times in their lives. When attempting to interpret a dream never take the information in a dream dictionary as fact. The definitions are great to give you ideas but in order to really understand a dream you must know the dreamer very well.

   The best dream dictionary is one that you compile yourself. Keep a seperate journal for recording symbols and themes of your dreams. After you do this for awhile you will begin to realize what a lot of these symbols actually mean to you and soon you will be able to interpret many of your dreams accurately.

   In summary, it is recommended that a dream researcher have several different dream dictionaries on their shelf. But it is cautioned that you not rely too heavily upon them for final dream interpretation.

The Complete Dream Book: Discover What Your Dreams Tell About You and Your Life

by Gillian, Ph.D. Holloway

The Complete Dream Book: Discover What Your Dreams Tell About You and Your Life    The average person will dream over 150,000 dreams in a lifetime. Most dream interpretations are based on folklore or psychology. The Complete Dream Book is based on the real-life interpretation of modern dreams.

Dr. Holloway has compiled a database of 18,000 dreams and uses the information about the dreamers to show how certain dreams are likely to recur during certain life phases, at different ages or when people are going through particular experiences (such as leaving home for the first time, changing jobs, getting married). She catalogues the most common recurring dreams and explains many dream symbols and their meanings, such as cars, houses, sexual imagery and colors.

The Complete Dream Book is focused on the self-awareness that understanding your dreams can provide, and the interpretations are accessible, clear and pragmatic. The reader will also find out how to tell if a dream is worth interpreting, whether the interpretation is the right one and how to embrace the psychic elements in dreams.

This is the only dream interpretation book based on concrete data about real people’s real dreams and how the real events in their lives relate to their nighttime visions.

Got a dream dictionary and find it useless? Think using a dream dictionary is like trying to form a cohesive picture from a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces are cut exactly the same? The Complete Dream Book takes a different angle on dream interpretation.

Based on a database of over 18,000 dreams, the author provides real-life interpretation of common dreams. There are common dreams that occur during certain stages of life, at certain ages, and during certain changes and situations.

This book looks at these common themes in dreams and what they mean to the dreamer. While she does cover common dream symbols such as cars, houses and the like, the fascinating part of the book is the common themes (can't get your locker door open or finding an new room in your home or finding a treasure, for examples).

This is the most useful and pragmatic dream interpretation book that I have ever read and I found myself regularly commenting about how appropriate an interpretation was for a particular dream of mine. Kudos to Gillian Holloway for what has to be one of the most useful dream interpretation books on the market today. - Harold McFarland

I like this book and its subject matter a great deal. I was a contributor of dreams to Dr. Holloway's Lifetreks website upon which much of the book's content is based, for four years. During that time I always wondered when I would find out what other people's dreams were like? Now the wait is over! It turns out, many of us have the same dreams. This book is a distillation of the most common themes, patterns and interpretations of the thousands of dreams collected from the site. Unlike the "dream dictionaries" based upon myth and folklore, this author is a psychologist with years of experience teaching people and working with their dreams.

This book has practical tips for noticing what your dream is trying to tell you and real-world suggestions about what to do once the message is understood. You learn which myths people have about dreams are true and which are not, and which dreams are more common in different age groups and to which sex. Dream messages often reveal imbalances, feelings about people or situations, and personality styles. My favorite parts of the book are the frequent, gentle ways in which the author teaches the dreamer to recognize his or her own talents, interests, potentials and strengths, and use them in order to meet workaday challenges and to feel more happiness.

"The Complete Dream Book" is an excellent book, as good as any by Patricia Garfield, another very wise dream author I would recommend. The only criticism I have is with its title. How can this subject ever be complete? - Amy Greenblatt

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Dreamer's Dictionary

Dreamers Dictionary
by Tom Corbett, Stearn Robinson

   Having closely examined literally dozens of dream books from the name-du-jour to Carl Jung, since I first acquired a dog-eared copy The Dreamer's Dictionary 19 years ago, I must conclude that people dream differently. But for me, whether a symbol is dreamed, or wanders across the floor at some revealing moment, I trust the Dreamer's Dictionary to illuminate the meaning. In my life quest I have established many useful methods -- and one of those is to use my manually scanned & OCR'd copy of T.D.D. to do quick searches. It's very revealing. I can say this, about my supposition on dreamers: even when I examine the dreams of OTHERS I have found this book accurate and helpful about 85% of the time -- and that it is a big improvement over the others I have tried. - John Meghly

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The Dream Book: Symbols for Self Understanding

by Betty Bethards

The Dream Book: Symbols for Self Understanding    I myself am a dream interpreter with my own dream interpreting site in which I encourage people to learn how to interpret their own dreams. This book is my #1 preference for people to consider first, because it is logical as well as spiritual. So many dream symbol books are hokey and just plain ridiculous, but this one simply makes sense and helps the dreamer better evaluate their dreams.

This book can help you gain better understanding of your subconscious mind's inner workings via dream interpretation so you can better follow your intuition to clear the cobwebs of confusion & uncertainty out of your life. I highly recommend this book and commend the author. - Betty Bethards.

I purchased this book in 1990 and found it to be an excellent source in assisting one to better understand the dream world and the importance of listening to the unconscious. Ms. Bethards exhibits tremendous knowledge and imparts this knowledge so that others can benefit and begin to explore their dreams. The meanings of the various dream symbols she provides are wonderful and help in providing "pieces" to the puzzling task of dream interpretation. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in exploring dreams whether they are a novice or quite adept in working with dreams. - Melanie E. Molzof

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10,000 Dreams and Their Traditional Meanings

by Foulsham Books, Gustavus Hindman Miller

10,000 Dreams and Their Traditional Meanings    10,000 Dreams and Their Traditional Meanings reveals the working of the subconscious mind as it emerges through the images and archetypes of our dreams. The growing interest in dream research has been sparked by the discovery that understanding our dreams can help us conquer phobias and overcome personal problems. And with over 10,000 dream images to draw from, every dream archetype and issue is covered here! An amazing compendium of research and a fascinating key to self-knowledge.

I just finished reading this book and I am totally fascinated by it. Before reading this book I knew nothing about dreams and what they meant, nor had I ever had any interest in finding out. This book covers in-depth all of the questions, I could ever think about asking. It clearly explains the traditional meanings of over 10,000 dreams. This author really did his research by revealing what the subconscious mind does when it goes to work. The book also explains how our dreams can help us conquer phobias and overcome personal problems. I found all of the information contained in this book very interesting. - Tammy

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Guide to Lucid Dreaming
Guide to Lucid Dreaming

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