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Journey into Your Dreams: Control Your Dreams and Meet Lost Loved Ones

by Rachael Towle

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Somewhere between hither and yon exists a place where dreams are made. In this secret location, you can be whatever you want to be, and even see almost anything and anyone you want to see. The key to making this quest a success is to unlock the secret of dreaming.

For the last half of my life, I have spent a lot of time trying to learn more about dreams and dreaming. My first step was learning how to control my dreams. It isn't like a video game where I control everything that happens in a dream, but I have been able to control my own actions when I am dreaming something that doesn't feel right or leaves me feeling uncomfortable. The ability to release yourself from a bad dream or even remove yourself from an uncomfortable position is an amazing feeling, and learning how to do this through controlling your dreams starts with one simple exercise.

The first step to controlling your dreams is to start by thinking of an object before you go to bed. The best object to start with is something on your person, whether it is your hands, your feet, your clothes, etc. While trying to drift off into dream land, tell yourself to look for that object in your dreams. It may take days, weeks, or even months before you actually locate the object, but you will eventually find it. Even if you are successful, keep trying. Practice makes perfect. You will begin to find it easier and easier to locate the object, and in doing so, you will be opening the first of many doors that lead you to a land where dreams are almost completely without limits.

After mastering the art of locating your defined object, you can move onto more complex objects, places, or even people. You will eventually find yourself in a state of lucid dreaming, which means you are aware of the fact that you are dreaming while you are actually in the dream. It is at this moment you will bring your conscious, waking mind to you subconscious and dreaming mind. This connection is magical and when you are able to do this, the ability will remain and you will always have that connection. You won't always be able to do this at will, but it will happen as often as you need it too (keeping in mind that want and need are two separate things).

Outside of being able to achieve a state of lucid dreaming, your dreams supply a location for you to communicate with other people you know in life, and even those that have passed on to the after-life. After many of my own experiences, and reading books published by famous and renowned mediums, I have learned that while asleep and dreaming, when I see loved ones that have passed, they are actually communicating with me in the most common way lost loved ones do. If you have ever experienced a dream like this, you know that when you wake up you feel a sense of wholeness, satisfaction, and the feeling of love is so strong you could easily say you feel as if you have bathed in a pool of love. Just as warm as their embrace was in our waking life while they were alive, the love we receive from our passed loved ones in our dreams is just as real.

The difference in being able to locate your hands in a dream and locating a lost loved one is that you are trying to locate another intelligent being, not just an inanimate object or a part of your own being. That being must be a willing participant. I believe that not all spirits are willing to connect with you while dreaming. Some because their death is still too recent, and others because they know (for whatever reason) it isn't the right time or moment to make contact. However, for those that are willing, you can contact them and be with them in that special dream state.

To contact a loved one through dreams, you need to dedicate time to ask them to connect with you. Keep in mind that while talking to a passed loved one, they can hear you. They may not be seen, but they can hear you and if you listen to your heart, you can hear them too. So, if you start to feel the need to contact a loved one, whether it is for guidance, help, or to fill an extreme void, you must first ask them to come to you. You should start asking the moment you feel the need.

While you are trying to fall asleep, relax, but try to concentrate on the loved one you want to contact. The key is to remember that this will not happen on demand. You have to ask for it and there is a higher purpose that rules this connection. It may take some time, but after a while, it should happen for you. I have been able to make contact with a few passed loved ones on many occasions, and I believe it will happen with others in time. The time has to be right for you both, and as mentioned earlier, just because you want to make a connection doesn't mean the connection will always happen.

Whether you believe in these ideas or not, I challenge each of you to test these practices so that you can see and feel them for yourself. There is so much more to the art of dreaming, and we have only brushed the tip of the proverbial iceberg. However, these simple and easy exercises will help you unlock the first of many doors that lead to a higher sense of self and consciousness. Anyone can start learning how to control his or her dreams at any time, day or night. The journey begins as soon as you fall asleep.

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Journey into Your Dreams: Control Your Dreams and Meet Lost Loved Ones

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