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True Lucid Dream Experiences

by David Slone

   I became really interested in lucid dreaming a few years ago. I had experienced a lucid dream when I was about ten years old. A dinosaur was about to eat me and then for some unknown reason I realized that I was dreaming. I told the monster that this was just a dream and he couldnt hurt me. The thing put me down and then I lost lucidity and slipped back into the dream. Almost 20 years passed before my next lucid experience. But I learned that with the proper techniques I could become lucid often.

   I started reading every book and magazine article I could find on the subject. If you read a lot of different authors you will find a lot of disagreement. I also found statements like; "You cannot read text or count numbers in a dream," and "Each person dreams in only black and white or only color," well, I proved these to be false! Reading is essential to the learning process but without direct structured involvement you will not uncover the secrets of your dreams.

   One thing about us is that while in a dream we dont recognize incongruities. In a dream you will find yourself in strange places and doing many "un-normal" things. Yet have you ever noticed this while it was happening?

   Look for recurring themes or objects in your dreams. If you try to make yourself think, for example, "The next time I am in that farmhouse I will know I am dreaming". You want to bring yourself to the point where you are able to recognize these incongruities.

   Ask yourself aloud everyday "Am I dreaming?" Write this question on a post-it and put it on the fridge. Put a copy of the question in other places where you will see it often. Many people find that after a couple of weeks they ask themself the question and then realize that yes they are indeed dreaming!

Some of my lucid experiences

   I was standing on a sidewalk in a town I know. Before I went to sleep I had made a list of some things that I wanted to check. In the dream I remembered the list and tested each item. I flexed my legs and shifted my weight. I could actually feel the hard solid sidewalk under my feet! I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. The warmth of the sunshine felt real. I took in deep breaths and I could smell the flowers and feel the air coming into my lungs. I could hear birds singing and the wind blowing. I got chill bumps because everything was so completely real.

   In another lucid dream experience I had also made a list. This time I wanted to find out if I could read text or add numbers in a dream. I became lucid and found myself in an office. There was a calendar on the wall. I walked over to the calendar which had a New England Farm picture and story. I read several paragraphs from the description aloud. I turned around and said, "Yes! You can read in a dream!" When I turned to the calendar and looked again the words had changed! That stunned me and I thought how strange for that to happen. Then I walked over to a desk and found a calculator. 2 + 2 did equal 4 and I was able to add and subtract numbers accurately in a dream.

   One lucid dream I had was triggered because while dreaming I realized that I did not own a Ford Bronco. From that moment on I was lucid! In the dream I was driving down a dirt road. A young boy was with me. His motorcycle had broken down and I was giving him a ride. Suddenly I slammed on the brakes and said, "I dont drive a Ford Bronco! I am dreaming!" I stepped out of the truck and started to fly into the air. The boy said, Hey! You can't fly!" I said, "This is my dream. I can do anything I want to!" I flew higher into the air and thought about what I wanted to do with my dream. Then I flew away and did it!

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True Lucid Dream Experiences

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